hey guys watch me write the entire plot of sam and max

completely out of order, may i add

be aware there are spoilers or whatever the HECK you cant blame me

these people have caused more chaos than you can imagine, here's a fuckin' list of things they've destroyed or ruined

  • The US economy
  • Hell itself
  • The mole man's plans
  • The devil's toybox
  • Abraham Lincoln statue
  • A spaceship (twice)
  • Christmas, on 3 separate occasions
  • Skunkape's mental state
  • The more Western side of the US
  • Some random "mafia free" casino
  • The Soda Poppers (they fucking died)
  • They literally killed Max himself
  • Paperwaite's Muesum
  • The White House
  • New York
  • Sybil's stuff
  • Maimtron 9000
  • Some random bus
  • Bosco's Inconvience
  • MY mental state
  • anything left out of the games, cartoon, and comics
  • i may have missed a couple but carrying on,


    now for your regularly scheduled oh god not the entire timeline of sam and max

    i will attempt to put it in order which i doubt is in order like 100% im certain its not

    As according from some of the games, comic, cartoon, Sam and Max had known each other since children. Even though their grandparents were very close, they met in 3rd grade apparently. From the games, comics, cartoon, Sam and Max were close as children. In fact, one of the short comics have them as small marketable soft babies and Max did ruin someone's day for Sam.

    In 304, Max was turned into.... Well, let's just say scary. After Sam made the Buster Blaster more aggresive Max decided he'd rather go to the prom, turning him into... *insert that scene where he flirts with Mama Bosco* During the cartoon's last episode, there was a flashback to Sam and Max taking their first case. Max had apparently used to wear clothes in HS.

    At this point, it would probably lead up to the comics, cartoon, or Hit the Road. Most likely the comics though because that is where Flint is introduced for a short while, and the Geek never showed up in the comics. Flint is shown in Hit the Road but the Geek is not shown either. But the comics came before Hit the road and they do mention the comics in the cartoon. So it's the comics that come first.

    In the first couple of seconds of the first episode, it shows them in multiple situations, and one that people will bring up to prove they're married, a small gag of them just getting married. Honestly I don't even know this counts but I'll move on like they're married.